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In the year 2004, Bearys Foundation for Teacher Training – both English and Kannada Medium were started. It is situated at a well ventilated building which also houses the Hostel.

Bearys Foundation for Teacher Training is a premier institution offering a D.Ed. programme .The D.Ed. course offered in the institute is creative mix of theory with activities. An ample time is spent by trainees on co-curricular activities like health & physical education, value based education, music, art and a yearly workshop based on model making.

During the academic year, we conduct wide range of activities such as  art competition, cultural programmes, elocution contests, music classes, celebration of national days, talents days etc.

The National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) is the regulatory authority in granting recognition and fixing the intake of each training institution. The DSERT coordinates the management of all the secondary teacher education colleges in the state. DIETs provide academic leadership in elementary education in their respective districts. The Examination to the D Ed course is conducted by the Director (Other Examinations), Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board, (KSEEB) Bangalore

In the recent years as the changing market dynamics have redefined academics, the institutions have geared up their infrastructure and trained teachers to teach modern subjects such as computer sciences, communications, technology etc to keep up and keep pace with the times.


Our motto is to create enlightened teachers who serve the needs of primary education which is the foundation of all learning.


Our mission is to educate the student-teachers in right approaches and methodologies to understand the subtleties of primary education and equip them with the knowledge, talent and composure to engage the infant minds in learning processes with balanced approach and mature judgment.




Mrs. Firdose


Principal’s Note:

I am indeed fortunate to be a part of this holistic institution and the challenging environment. Undoubtedly, it is the greatest privilege of my life to lead an exceptional team in the nurture & creation of innovative future teachers.

Bearys foundation for Teacher’s Training continues its pursuit of excellence and provides ample opportunities for the students to hone their potential. Today’s preparation determines tomorrow’s achievement and we prepare teachers to be future ready. Today’s children are smart and expect their teacher’s to be doubly smart. Children of the 21 century are assertive, interesting and challenging to a capable teacher to interact with. Presently we are witnessing a sea change in relationships and social bonding with the world becoming more competitive by the day. The preparation required for the teacher to face the class has increased manifold in the wake of the exposure levels of the students. As teachers we are building individuals. To be effective in this, it demands a great level of responsibility and commitment.I enjoy forever the vivacity of youth around me with the new flow of students that enroll year after year. The youth help us to always remain young; with them you never grow old at heart or in spirit. The young are always bubbling with life and in turn enliven the environment, your spirits and life itself. It is wrong to state that youth today are not keen to take up teaching as a profession. For the future pedagogues, teaching is not only the most respected profession but also a venture that helps to serve the society and develop individually. It offers both challenges and endless joy. It is an amazing experience and helps understand the society in which we are going to work in the future.

Bearys foundation for Teacher’s Training shapes teachers and instills in them the urge to make a difference that will culminate in leaving marks of excellence. It is bound to be recognized at the highest possible level in times to come. While the world has entered the new millennium, Bearys group of institutions has stepped forward surmounting all barriers marching ahead in its quest for excellence.

As a teacher, I share Bendre’s perception of the role of a teacher which he expressed poetically as “Mine is but a flower’s wish to leave some seeds behind”