For the Bearys Group, education has been a mission with a passion rooted in the past. Guided by the insightful prayer, “My Lord Advance me in knowledge”, we have a very rich experience in imparting quality education with enduring values. The school was started in 1995-96 with the aim of offering quality education to the rural areas of Kodi and Kundapur .

It is managed by Haji K Mohidin  Beary Education Trust (R). The school has excelled academically and has been upgraded from L.K.G to standard  X and over the years grown to a total strength of over 500 students. The scenic beauty and serenity of the location are conducive to education and also to instilling sense of ecology and environment in the minds of the young ones. Our aim is meaningful and holistic development of the child with enlightened and future perfect education.

Extra- curricular activities such as art, drawing, music, karate, yoga and creative arts are included in the curriculum and given equal importance. Our facilities also include a vast playground with varied sports facilities, library, laboratory, central computing centre etc. for all-round development of our students.

Our motto is to ignite the minds and explore the potentialities of our children.

Our mission is to familiarize the students with areas of knowledge, identify their aptitudes and latent potentialities, harness their areas of interest and mould them into pupils of character with an understanding of civic duties and responsibilities and prepare them for the next phase in their life.




Mr. Raveendra



Principal’s Message

We are fortunate to deal with those students who wish to be enlightened with knowledge. The need of the present day education is to direct such students towards the right goal, thus providing ample scope for creativity and opening up unprecedented avenues for the students in all streams. Our school provides an environment conducive for the child’s independent effort.

With the co-operation of committed teachers and resourceful management we are all geared up for the uphill journey of exploring new heights and attaining new goals with our talented students,  I look forward to a lasting association with this school, which has miles to go.