“I do not teach anyone. I only provide the environment in which they can learn” – Albert Einsten

That is precisely what we endeavour to do at our institutions; we inculcate in our students the love for endless learning and provide the environment conducive to learning.

Our institutions are set on the lap of nature and blessed with the best of environment, most stimulating for learning. To add to this our team of knowledgeable, committed and dedicated faculty leave no stone unturned in inculcating the love for learning and instilling lifetime values in our children.

Our primary aim is to spread literacy and help the rural children and economically deprived to have a good education and equal opportunity. We have therefore been resolute in our decision in saying “NO” to donations and capitation fees. Above all, we believe in value based holistic education which would help children to bloom into knowledgeable and good human beings.

The seed that was sown by our forefathers over a century ago has blossomed into beautiful gardens spreading its roots and branches.

Welcome to the Bearys Group of Institutions – A place for endless learning ‘from the cradle to the grave’.