Bearys Pre-University College was founded in the year 2001 by Mr. Syed Mohamed Beary, a great visionary, the celebrated patron and donor of the institution. The college provides for academic freedom, creates suitable environment for the development of intellectual climate and helps to promote academic excellence.

Education is meant for helping the learners in realizing their self-worth by respecting their individualities. Hence, the ultimate goal of education is the overall development of students’ personality. All endeavours in the process of education are geared towards achieving this primary goal of education.

While we are committed to achieve and instill in the students a burning zeal for academic excellence, we earnestly and consciously pursue our objectives of making our students socially sensitive, compassionate and committed to the cause of the marginalized and less fortunate ones of the society.



Our motto is to enrich the knowledge and competencies of the students.



Our mission is to expose the students to the broad areas of learning, instil in them the earnestness in pursuit of knowledge and create awareness of the surrounding opportunities for their growth and advancement.


Admission enquiry is available throughout the year. A student can submit the application for admission

New admission takes place during the month of April to July every year.




Mr. Shameer



Principal’s message

“Education is the most powerful weapon  by which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

True education teaches us how to live well in this world and helps us to become creative and original thinkers rather than being mere imitators or repeaters of already existing knowledge. Our education should ultimately help us to change our society, make us civilized persons, assist us to live in harmony in spite of differences and make us more humane. Education that fails to foster reflection on our life and society and fails to transform and change the society is no education. Any person who has no concern, care and compassion for the poor and the needy is not an educated person, even though he may hold many degrees.

The new times bubble with new life and new dreams. Unless we are motivated, we cannot motivate others. Unless we are inspired, we cannot inspire others. Our constant endeavour is to motivate and inspire our students to work hard and lay the foundation for a bright future. It is also our desire that our college must be the topmost among other leading colleges and we are looking forward to achieve this goal.