His Grace Montessori – House of Children, the first Montessori in Udupi District, was started in the Knowledge Campus of Bearys Group of Institutions, Kodi, Kundapura during the year 2015-16. The motto of this novel venture is “Give Wings to Your Child’s Future”.

The Montessori Method allows the child to reach its full potential and emerge as a complete, creative, and productive human being. Above all, it teaches the child to be a good human being. It is the most holistic way of learning for the kids especially during their formative years.

At our Montessori House of Children:

  • We inculcate the love of learning through scientific materials and host of activities through Child Centred Methodology of teaching.
  • Excellent faculty and trained facilitators identify each child’s innate abilities and help them blossom.
  • Above all we place utmost emphasis on values and relationships





Mrs. Jennifer



Co-ordinator’s Message

Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952) was an Italian Educator and doctor. She became the first Italian woman to receive a medical degree, when she graduated from the University of Rome in 1896. Through her educational methods, she became popular the world over and her educational approach became known as the Montessori Method.

 Montessori Method

Montessori educators establish special environments to meet the needs of learners in 3 distinct age groups. Here children learn through activities that involve exploration, manipulation, repetition, abstraction and communication.

Montessori educators serve as role models and encourage students in the age group of 1 to 2 yrs to use the sense of touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste to explore and manipulate materials in their own environment. Children are assisted by presenting special lessons and materials and are encouraged to explore a topic independently.


Our Faculties


jenniferMrs. Jenniffer Lewis
ECCE, Montessori Training
Montessori Teacher
preethiMrs. Preethi G. Hegde
Dip. in Commercial Practice, Montessori Training
Montessori Teacher