The saga of Bearys Institutions at Kodi began with the establishment of an Urdu School in a thatched hut in the year 1906 at the behest of Kote Sufi Saheb, the magnanimous patron,   who, spearheading the cause of education, bequeathed his land to the school in the later years and erected the school building on the land donated.  The legacy pioneered by Kote Sufi Saheb was nurtured and nourished with warmth and passion by his son Haji K Mohidin Beary who worked as a teacher in the school for thirty six years and retired in the year 1966. .The years following the retirement of Haji K Mohidin Beary witnessed the dwindling strength and in the year 1981, the strength was abysmally low endangering the existence of the school. The poignancy of the school being on the brink of closure was unbearable for the Bearys Family, who got into action to stabilize the situation and take the legacy forward.

Mr. Syed Mohamed Beary, the Chairman of the Bearys Group, Bengaluru,  a son of Haji K Mohidin Beary, a man of immense foresight with deep insights, formed the Trust in the name of his father “Haji K Mohidin Beary Educational Trust” with his elder brother Haji Master Mahmood as the President, stabilized the existing institution and    founded the new institutions at Kodi, his birth place, as a tribute to his ancestors and as a service to the  marginalized and underprivileged sections of the society deprived of  education.

The doctrines of the Bearys Group of Institutions, My Lord! Advance me in Knowledge; Delivering Excellence consistently and Leading the Way to the Future. present the clarity of purpose in actions and summarize the vision and the outlook of the management, the academic schemes, the values, the methods, the systems, the approaches and the  strategies designed and the ultimate goal towards which all academic processes in the institutions are directed.

The Group understands that while functioning in a more competitive, demanding and challenging world, the important factors holding key to the delivery of excellence in education are the  development of global competencies, the launch of new initiatives the pursuit of innovative practices, and  the constant engagement in  research and development. In its earnestness to deliver excellence consistently, the Bearys Group of Institutions endeavors to marshal constantly its resources to keep abreast with the changing times.

Above all the Group fosters the culture of brotherhood and nationhood.